photos by mohammad reza domiri ganji in iran of: (1) the dome of the seyyed mosque in isfahan; (2,8) the nasīr al mulk mosque, or pink mosque, in shiraz; (3,4) the vakil mosque in shiraz; (5) the ceiling of the fifth floor of ali qapu in isfahan; (6,10) the vakil bathhouse in shiraz; (7) the imam mosque in isfahan; (9) the jame mosque of yazd

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"I’m the sultan
who built her a palace
to show how great one’s love can be
but at the end
my gifts are none but rocks and stones
if she ever chooses to leave."

Damoun The Persian

Written and made by me. 

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Salaam w3leykom everybody ! It has been quite a while since the last time I came on tumblr. I just want all of you to know that I won’t be neglecting my page, I’m just very busy at the time. 

But most important, I want to say Ramadhan kareem to all of you. May all of you have a blessed and peaceful month. May all the people who have been distanced in your life come close to you.  

Sad little falafel :( I would’ve eaten you with all my pleasure !

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The Arab world hasn’t really treated the occupation of the Palestinian Territories with much regard. Most of their ‘pro-Palestinian’ rhetoric is rooted in reinforcing Arab nationalism within their own countries rather than providing any real means to help alleviate the occupation.

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